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Certain clues allow you to gain special benefits by spending points from the relevant investigative ability pool. In the rules, these benefits are:

  • Making the character seem clever, powerful, or heroic.

  • Granting you benefits useful later in the scenario, frequently by making a favorable impression on supporting characters.

  • Leaping forward into the story by gaining a clue that would otherwise only become apparent in a later scene.

  • Adding an emotional dimension to the story or ties into the character뭩 past history or civilian life and your character gets a juicy spotlight scene.

Here are a few specific examples of special benefits.

  • The benefit gives you an advantage in a future contest of General abilities. For example, you find your petrol tank has been punctured, that Shoggoths are affected by electricity, that there is a hole in the fence around the back of the complex or that the guards go off-duty at 6.00pm.

  • Granting you benefits useful later in the scenario, frequently by making a favorable impression on supporting characters. For example, recovering stolen artwork for the original owner, who will then help the PCs, spending points to discover a hidden room where there is a hostage who can either give clues or even help with General abilities.

  • Spotlight scene. A clue spend can lead to a flashback scene, for example, finding an insect could flash back to a time in the Amazon basin.

Can you think of any other examples?


Using credit rating to pay off people who might get in the way of the investigation either because they were hurt by investigators and might call the police or could blackmail them.


Extra point spends can speed up an investigation. For example, a Flattery or Flirtation spend might get the tech guy to process your DNA sample a day early.

Point spends could get you General help, for example, Credit Rating might get you access to an NPC shrink or doctor.

Point spend can help you resolve a moral dilemma - for example, Intimdating someone might get you a core clue for free, but a two point Reassurance spend might get you the same information without upsetting your source.

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미루는 버릇은 시간도둑이니, 당장 잡으라.
나와 주변의 일.
세상의 일들.
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